DVUV Creates New Design Possibilities

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – January 15, 2007 – DVUV, LLC today announced the launch of its UVMax™ finish technology. UVMax™ creates new design possibilities by delivering the durability of laminate with the flexibility of paint.

UVMax™ finish uses a proprietary ultraviolet (UV) curing and powder coating system to apply color to medium density fiberboard (MDF) and other heat sensitive materials. The UV cure process causes a photochemical reaction known as photo polymerization that reconfigures the molecular structure of the powdered pigment – resulting in an exceptionally durable finish.

UVMax™ is applied in a spray booth where an array of powder nozzles apply powder evenly to all sides, providing complete coverage on all surfaces of virtually any shape part. As a result, UVMax™ can be used to add long-wearing color to fluid forms, contoured edges and 3-dimensional surfaces. In addition, the powder coating process produces 360° coverage, creating a continuous coating, uninterrupted by seams.

Because of their durability, powder coat finishes have long been used to finish metal parts used for products such as cars and appliances. And over the past decade, powder manufacturers have learned to formulate powders which can be applied to MDF and other wood-based substrates. Simultaneously, companies manufacturing ultraviolet-based systems for curing ink, adhesives and coatings have been refining their equipment in an effort to provide fast, solvent- free alternatives to traditional heat-based curing approaches. Only recently have all these advances been combined to make it possible to use a UV-cured powder coating to finish MDF.

“I’m extremely excited about the possibilities UVMax™ opens up for our customers,” said DVUV’s president Michael F. Knoblauch. “During my three decades in the finishing industry, I have not seen any other finish that comes close to delivering the same performance and wear characteristics for MDF together with the design possibilities that are available from UV-cured powder. Plus, this combination is even more compelling because it requires no solvents and eliminates the VOC (volatile organic compound) and HAP (hazardous air pollutant) emissions commonly generated by other finishing approaches. ”

UVMax™ is available now as part of DVUV’s turnkey finishing services. Additional information is available at www.dvuv.com/uvmax.


DVUV, LLC is the innovator in UV-cured powder coated finishes for wood. After opening the first UV powder line for wood in North America, DVUV has refined the process and taken the lead in evolving the technology. The company’s UVMax™ UV-cured powder coating opens up new design possibilities by delivering brilliant, durable color that provides seamless coverage over curvilinear shapes, contoured edges and three-dimensional surfaces.  DVUV provides turnkey production services in a range of industries from medical equipment to retail fixtures and displays, manufacturing finished parts to customers’ specifications.

Additional information is available at www.dvuv.com.