Keyland Polymer Launches New Website

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – April 20, 2011 – Keyland Polymer, Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of its new website The new site contains information on UV-cured powder coatings and its many uses, applications and advantages. The market for UV-cured powder coating is rapidly expanding, and Keyland Polymer is at the forefront of the coatings industry.

The website features technical information, efficiency and process analysis, as well as demonstrating and explaining the many advantages of UV-cured powder coatings. The site also includes a gallery of finished products and videos of UV-cured powder manufacturing and application.

“It is our goal to expand and solidify our leadership position in the rapidly developing UV-cured powder coating industry. This site will help promote and support UV–cured powder coatings and educate the global market on its many uses and benefits.  “We are excited and see a great future for UV powder coatings” stated Michael Knoblauch, President of DVUV Holdings.

Keyland Polymer is a subsidiary of DVUV Holdings LLC, a vertically integrated company that supplies UV-curable powder coatings, application systems and manufactured product solutions to finish MDF and other heat sensitive materials. DVUV Holdings’ three operating companies DVUV, DVUVSystems, and Keyland Polymer provide a complete UV-cured powder coating application solution for a multitude of coating needs and products.

DVUV Holdings prides itself on placing its customers first; providing them with the best coatings solutions to meet and exceed their expectations.

About Keyland Polymer, Ltd.

Keyland Polymer, Ltd. is the only company worldwide whose sole focus is the development — formulation — and manufacturing of UV-curable powder coatings. Keyland is the exclusive supplier of its UVMax® brand of UV-curable powder coatings. UVMax® is available in a full range of colors and textures with custom color matching options. Keyland can formulate small test batches or several thousand pounds and can ship anywhere in the world.