An environmentally friendly finishing alternative to paint and laminate with a 20 minute single coat process.

You send us the drawings, we send you a finished part.

Over 17 Years Experience in Finishing MDF

In 2005 DVUV became the first MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) powder coater in North America. Since then we have provided our customers millions of powder coated MDF components for the retail, healthcare, hospitality, education, office, and other industries. We have also expanded into finishing Birch Plywood with a clear coating. We would love for you to get to know us more.

We Know

Seamless 360° coverage flows smoothly around corners, through holes, cut-outs, and raised surfaces. We can coat virtually any shape in a wide array of colors with in-house custom color matching to any Pantone, RAL, laminate, paint, or supplied sample.

We Know

Approaching deadline? Don’t panic! Our single step UV cured powder coating process takes just 20 minutes from raw to finished component. No more waiting for paint to dry between coats. And save a step with no primer or top coat required!

We Know

UV powder is solvent free, non-toxic, and contains no VOCs or HAPs. We use 100% pre-consumer recycled content MDF that is certified by the SFI® and meets all CARB® requirements. UV cured powder coating may qualify for LEED® credits.

We Know

Durability is important and DVUV delivers. UV cured powder coating’s cross linked photopolymer curing delivers superior wear characteristics that withstand the toughest environments. All while maintaining original color, gloss, and texture.

Our Products

Our innovative UVMax® UV cured powder coating makes it easy to take your idea and turn it into a reality. If you can imagine it… We can help you create it! Just send us your drawings and we send you a finished part.

UVMax® is available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and gloss levels. In-house custom color matching capabilities to any Pantone, RAL, laminate, liquid paid, or customer supplied sample.



Durable solid colors in a range of colors and textures; custom color matching is available.

UVMax® Solid Surface

UVMax® Solid Surface

Multi-color finishes that mimic stone surfaces; Lavastone, Midnight Blue, Sandstone and more.

UVMax® Metallics

UVMax® Metallics

Give wood the look of metal in silver, copper & bronze with the benefits of powder coating.

UVMax® Gloss


Sleek, shiny and sophisticated, high gloss finish in a one coat single step process.


UVMax® Defender

UVMax® Defender offers added antimicrobial protection for your UV powder coated MDF products. A seamless 360 degree coating that offers design flexibilityfinish variety, and an unlimited color palette – now with antimicrobial protection.

After 24 hours, surfaces coated with UVMax® Defender showed both E coli and Staphylococcus bacterial reproduction reduced by more than 99.99%. 

Visit our UVMax® Defender page to learn more about antimicrobial powder coatings.

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We can be reached by email: sales@dvuv.com or phone: 216-741-5511.