Environmentally Green Powder Coating

At DVUV, we are committed to protecting the environment in every way possible.  We create high quality products with an environmentally green powder coating that is safe for the environment and reduces our environmental impact.

Sustainable MDF

Our MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) wood contains 100% pre-consumer recycled content MDF, which would have otherwise been incinerated or ended up in a landfill.

All of our MDF is certified by the SFI or Sustainable Forestry Initiative and meets both CARB (California Air Resources Board) phase I and II requirements for the limit of  urea-formaldehyde emitted from composite wood products. Phase I limits emitted urea-formaldehyde to <.21 ppm and <.11 for phase II.

Environmentally Green Powder Coating

Green Finish

All of our UVMax® powder coatings  contain zero solvents and emit zero VOCs, making it an environmentally green powder coating.  Our UV-cured powder coating may also qualify for the following LEED credits :

  • EQ Credit 4- Low Emitting Material: Paints & Coatings 1 point
  • MR Credit 4- Recycled Content 1-2 points
  • MR Credit 5 Regional Materials 1-2 points

Energy Efficient Manufacturing

Our UV powder coating process is fast and extremely efficient, turning a raw part into a finished component in less than 20 minutes.  There is no time wasted waiting for parts to dry.

The manufacturing plant space is also significantly smaller than other typical finishing systems—resulting in lower labor, operational and energy costs.

High Material Utilization

The cross-linked bond created during the UV-curing process is so strong that only 3-5 mils of powder are required.  The coating is durable enough to withstand the NEMA impact test at 35″ with no cracking and the ASTM abrasion test with a wear-thru at 3,000 cycles with no effects.  See all the technical specifications here.

Recycling Program

We are excited about a new recycling initiative that has been implemented at DVUV.  99.5% of all manufacturing scrap material is now being recycled.  Our facility also recycles all of our office paper waste monthly.

  • At DVUV, all of our business is conducted in ways that protect the environment and minimize the consumption of natural resources.  Productivity and sustainability are just a few of our core values.  It’s just simply smart business!–Michael Knoblauch, President