DVUV Testimonials

At DVUV, we always put our customers first.  Whether it’s quality, efficiency or overall satisfaction, we want to make sure you are happy with your UV-cured powder coated parts.

We are not satisfied unless you are and we will work hard daily to make sure your needs are met.

Passion For Our Customers

Here’s a few DVUV testimonials from some of our best customers!

“DVUV has been a high quality supplier to us for 4+ years now. They have continually provided excellent customer satisfaction and have always met our demand in the schedule. They are versatile in changing their production schedule to meet our production needs. DVUV provides a quality panel and stands behind their product.  We are definitely lucky to have them for a supplier.”  Tony, Project Manager

“DVUV was a first time vendor for our company, displaying an immense amount of vigor and knowledge into the beginning stages of product development.  DVUV provided us with a 100% within tolerance manufactured product, on-time delivery, cost effective pricing and managed to expedite- allowing us to meet our required production schedule.  We definitely agree with the DVUV motto “finishing at the speed of light.”  Cheryl, POP National. Sales Manager, John, POP Product Manager, Terry, Production Manager, Kim, Fabrication Supervisor and Donna, Procurement Specialist  

“DVUV has become an invaluable supplier to our company due to their responsiveness, quality and on-time shipments. Very few companies get it right in all aspects from the quote to the delivery, but DVUV has done it with consistency.” Trina M., Director of Purchasing 

“DVUV defines the meaning of excellent supplier.  From knowledgeable customer service to quality product  to on-time deliveries.  DVUV runs like a well oiled machine.”  Tony, Senior Project Manager

“I have worked with DVUV for over four years now and the experience has been extremely rewarding in all facets of my business.  The products that DVUV produces are second to none, both in quality of performance as well as in visual appeal: the product looks great and functions even better!  I can get product within reasonable time periods and if I have a rush order, DVUV will bend over backwards to do what they can to meet my deadlines.  The inside and outside sales teams are a pleasure to work with and if I have any questions or problems, they are always there for me.  In all honesty, I can say that I wish that all of my suppliers were half as good as DVUV.  I cannot recommend them enough.”  Rich, Corporate Materials Purchasing Manager

“DVUV’s expertise and suggestions  in value engineering and  production efficiencies has proven to be invaluable.  Also,  they are very accommodating in making impossible deadlines.”  John, Project Manager