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Our Original Opaque Semi Smooth

UVMax® is our original line of opaque semi smooth finishes for MDF. We have a select color range of stock finishes and our sister company Keyland Polymer has the ability to custom color match to any Pantone, RAL, laminate, paint, or customer supplied sample.

Suggested Uses: cabinet doors, kiosks, work surfaces, shelving, wall panels, end caps, media carts, desks, store fixture and display components, office and educational furniture, healthcare components and other architectural elements.

UVMax on edgeDesign Freedom

Maximize your design possibilities for your next project.  UV-cured powder coating is an excellent finish for bullnose, radiused and waterfall edges, built up components and cutouts and contours.

  • A seamless finish that flows smoothly over complex shapes.
  • No edgebanding here- only 360° coverage for any component, three-dimensional or not.

Sustainable Process and Materials

A green coating that’s ideal for projects where sustainable materials are key. Read more about our green practices here.

  • VOC and PVC FREE, no solvents  or HAP (hazardous air pollutants)
  • SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) certified MDF and CARB (California Air Resources Board) phase I and II compliant
  • 100% recycled wood content

UV Curing Process When Durability Matters

UV (Ultraviolet) curing is instantaneous, resulting in a highly durable finish with superior wear characteristics.

  • Strong cross-linked photopolymer bonded finish
  • Stain and scratch resistant with an easy to clean surface
  • No cracking at 35″ (NEMA ball drop test)

Need more technical specs? See the data here.


UV Powder System LightsEfficient Manufacturing and Process

We manufacture and finish custom components based on your specifications.  A fast, cost-effective and worry free process!

  • Single step process- raw component to finished part in 20 minutes!
  • Lower energy consumption and a faster process
  • Smaller manufacturing footprint

See our manufacturing process in action by watching our video.