UV Powder Technical Data:

During the ultraviolet, or UV curing process, a chemical reaction known as photopolymerization reconfigures the molecular structure of the powder – resulting in an exceptionally durable finish.

Our third party test results are below.  We also have statistics on the right showing how our powder coated finish stacks up to the competition. Check it out!

Test Name Test Standard Result
Crosshatch Adhesion ASTM D3359, Method A No loss of adhesion
Impact NEMA LD3-1995, 3.8 224g steel ball No cracking at 48″
Thickness ASTM D4138, Method A, Destructive, Tooke Gauge 3-4 mils
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D4060, CS-17 Wheel, 500g, 500 cycles 34.2 mg
Scratch Resistance 500g weight on corrugated cardboard 4″ movement, repeated 5 times, same location No effect, no signs of wear or damage
Cleanability/Stain Resistance
10% citric acid NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4 No effect
Vegetable oil NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4 No effect
Coffee NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4 No effect
Tea NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4 No effect
Milk NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4 No effect
Catsup NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4 No effect
Mustard NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4 Slight Effect
Vinegar NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4 No effect
Red lipstick NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4 No effect
Grape juice NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4 No effect
Black permanent marker NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4 Effect
#2 pencil lead NEMA LD3-2005, 3.4 No effect

Tests performed by Element (Formerly Stork Herron Testing)

Product Specifications

Maximum product dimensions: 50″ X 96″ X 4″.  Color coverage is available on any exposed surface and in any combination of size, shape, cut, surface or edge finish within these overall dimensions.

Available Colors & Textures

Our color lab can create a custom powder to match any color specification you may need.  From RAL, PMS standards to laminates and wet paints — DVUV’s got you covered!

We can formulate a custom powder to apply UVMax® in virtually any color you need.  To learn more about custom color matching,  call us at 216-741-5511, email us at sales@dvuv.com, or simply go to our color match form to request a match.


UVMax® can be applied at gloss levels from 3 to 90 to create a variety of effects from matte low gloss to gleaming high-gloss. Please note that gloss levels are variable depending on texture.


UVMax® Metallic UV-cured powder coatings are formulated to meet the customer’s color and performance standards.  Color and affect variation are to be expected due to variability in the positioning of metallic flake in the coating.

UV powder application and conditions may affect the positioning of the metallic flake in the UV powder and may cause variation in color and texture of the finished product.  Viewing conditions such as light source, viewing angle, and viewing distance may influence visual appearance of the finished metallic coating.

UVMax® 2 Coat

UVMax® 2 Coat is an innovative powder coating solution excellent for MDF doors and drawers in the kitchen and bath, furniture, architectural and other industries.

The 2 coat powder coating process is an alternative to solvent or waterborne paint or vinyl laminate. Parts can be finished in minutes, no drying or trimming required.

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