UVMax® Defender

UVMax® Defender offers added antimicrobial protection for your UV powder coated MDF products. A seamless 360 degree coating that offers design flexibilityfinish variety, and an unlimited color palette – now with antimicrobial protection.

Bactiblock, the antimicrobial agent in UVMax® Defender uses silver ion technology that attaches to the cell walls of a microbe, interrupting enzyme production and DNA replication.


Note: The use of UVMax® Defender is not designed to eliminate the potential of harmful microbes on surfaces nor replace standard cleaning practices.

Suggested Uses

Schools & Daycares, Gyms, Hospitals & Medical Facilities, Offices, Hotels, Laboratories, Airports, & More

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Surface sanitizing against COVID-19 outbreak. Home cleaning spraying antibacterial spray bottle disinfecting against coronavirus wearing nitrile gloves. Sanitize hospital surfaces prevention.

Lifetime Antimicrobial Protection

Repeated cleaning does not diminish or degrade the UV powder coating properties. The antimicrobial additive is added during the powder manufacturing process and will last the entire lifetime of the coating.

Antimicrobial Efficacy After 24 Hours

Independent third party testing was performed in accordance to ISO 22196 standards. After 24 hours, surfaces coated with UVMax® Defender showed both E coli and Staphylococcus bacterial reproduction reduced by more than 99.99%. 



E Coli Reduction


Staphylococcus Reduction


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