Keyland Polymer Material Sciences, LLC

Keyland Polymer Material Sciences is DVUV’s holdings company and is comprised of sister companies Keyland Polymer UV Application Technology, Keyland Polymer UV Resins, Keyland Polymer UV Powder, and DVUV.

Together, we are the global leader in the development, formulation, manufacturing and application of UV (Ultra Violet) light curable solid materials; resins, powder coatings, 3D additive materials and other materials cured with UV microwave lights and emerging UV LED technology.

You can learn more about each of our companies below or visit for more information.


Produces & sells powder coated MDF wood components using Keyland Polymer’s UV Powder to the retail, healthcare, hospitality, education & office furniture industries. DVUV’s UV powder line has been operating in Cleveland, Ohio since 2005.

Develops, produces, and sells solid polyester, epoxy, and other resin based products used in UV-cured solid materials. Markets for UV solid resins include powder coatings, graphic arts, and 3D/additive manufacturing.

Offers the latest in UV/EB curing solutions of solid materials used in coatings, 3D/additive materials, and other product applications. The focus of this business is materials applied and cured with UV LED lamp technology.

Combines Keyland Polymer’s UV Resins with additives, pigments and photoinitiators to produce custom and performance specific UV-curable powder coatings for a variety of substrates including wood, plastic, composites, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The product is marketed under the registered brand name UVMax®.